Bridal Hair & Makeup | DIY or Hire a Pro?

DIY-ing is huge these days. It's a great way to save some money or put your own touch on your big day! Hair and makeup may seem like a trivial detail in the grand scheme of things, but I'd like to gently remind you that your wedding day will probably be the most photographed day of your life... So (in the most loving way possible,) DIY-ing your face and hair may not be your best call. Chances are you’re paying big money for photos and will treasure them for years to come, so it makes sense that professional hair and makeup isn't something couples regret spending some extra cash on.

Jeff Lopez Photography

Jeff Lopez Photography

Jeff Lopez Photography

Jeff Lopez Photography


Pros know what works—and what doesn't

Weddings are long. Your hairstyle should be built to last. We professional wedding stylists aren’t just good at doing hair—we’re good at keeping it done. Professionals (especially those who have done a million weddings) have an arsenal of time-tested styling techniques and all the products imaginable to keep your style locked in till after the after party.

Wedding makeup is a whole different ball game from everyday makeup. Even if you or one of your besties is pretty skilled when it comes to your your day-to-day routine, there are techniques and skills that wedding makeup artists know to use for important events, and what methods NOT to use. We understand different bone structures, skin types, and eye shapes. We know how to keep your makeup locked in for 16 hours of partying (and crying), whereas the look you or your maid learned on Instagram or YouTube might be totally melted down by the time your ceremony ends.

My hair and makeup held up from 11AM until 2AM! My hair even made it through a rugged 4WD/off-road photo shoot and some major wind! It still looked loose and elegant even with all that movement!!!!
— Molly

We know what looks great in photos and IRL

Photos aren't the only thing happening on your wedding day. You’ll have dozens of people staring at all angles of you for hours upon hours in real life. If all you hire a professional for is to make sure your hair looks good from all angles, for real life and posterity, it’s worth the ticket price, people.

You’ve probably heard this one before, but it bears repeating: you really do need your makeup done differently if you want it to photograph well! And on a day when you will be photographed hundreds, maybe thousands, of times (seriously), it’s best to trust the professionals. Some ingredients cause flashback in photos and some make you look too waxy in real life. We know the difference.

Amy was super patient with me during my trial and really listened to what I had envisioned. I had an outdoor summer wedding and it was HOT! But my hair and makeup lasted the whole night and I only needed to touch up my lipstick once (and she provides a complimentary touch-up kit). Not only did I love my hair/makeup, my all of my bridesmaids looked stunning as well!
— Mikaela

Managing the day-of Chaos

Lets pretend it's the morning of your wedding. There are 20 things you need to do at once, someone has misplaced the gift you bought for your mother-in-law, your bridesmaids are talking at a mile a minute, and it’s imperative that you or one of your maids do the best hairstyle that they’ve ever done in the middle of all of it.

Maybe you’re good at makeup, but add on the time flying by faster than ever and suddenly putting on your makeup is more intimidating than usual. You'll need to make sure your bridesmaids are ready during this time, as well. Oh, your mom, too! Yeah, no. You don’t have time for that. You shouldn’t have to make time for that when it’s literally someone’s job to let you chill for a minute while they beautify you. Boom: Huge amount of stress lifted.

Professional hair and makeup artists are used to working under pressure and in hectic environments—in fact, that’s kind of our M.O. You shouldn't have to second-guess whether your cat eye will take a few tries to get right or your mascara will accidentally drag across your foundation and you’ll have to start all over right before you might cry it off.

Wyoming Renegade Images

Wyoming Renegade Images

SO. Is it really worth the risk? Have a trial, book your artist, and #treatyoself.

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