7 Tips to Make the Most of Your Trial

As a bridal stylist, I preform multiple trials a week and generally run into the same few challenges. These are my top suggestions for getting exactly what you want out of your bridal hair and makeup trial run!

1. Ask About Pre-Trial Prep

Personally, I prefer to have clients arrive with clean, dry hair and no makeup. Depending on your stylist, you may need you to come with your hair or skin prepped a certain way.

You’ll also want to replicate the real thing as closely as possible, so if you’re planning to use hair extensions, have a spray tan or tinted brows, try to have that done ahead of your trial too.

Be sure to ask how much time your hairstylist or makeup artist allots for a trial. Some only leave time to complete one look, leaving brides disappointed if they were hoping to try out more than one style. Generally, I set aside 2 and a half to 3 hours per trial. This leaves plenty of time for all the chit-chat and a few looks!

2. Have Ideas

It's great to have a general idea of what look you're shooting for, and pictures are a plus! Being able to tell your hairstylist or makeup artist what parts of the photos you like and don't like will make it easier to take elements from the different photos to create your dream look!

I'm always flattered when ladies say they’re "fine with whatever you think," however this can make it difficult to understand your personal style and what you envision for yourself on your wedding day. Take time to go through Pinterest or Instagram, or look to your favorite celebrities or beauty bloggers for a look you love! 

3. Not All ‘Naturals’ Are Created Equal

Your idea of ‘natural beachy waves’ or ‘natural make-up’ might be very different from your hairstylist or makeup artist’s.

For example, all of these ladies asked for a natural look, and they each look a bit different:


4. Budget It In

Many brides are shocked at the price of hair and make-up trials and often forget to factor them in while planning their beauty budget – especially if they end up having more than one or two.

5. Bring the Goods

If you have a lipstick that you already own or will buy for your wedding day, bring it with! You’ll be topping up throughout your big day, so it’s helpful to have one you already own or will buy so you can freshen up afterwards. If not, no worries! I always provide a sample of your lipstick choice in your day-of touch up kit.

Consider trying the earrings or necklaces you plan to wear on your wedding day to make sure you love how they look with your hair and makeup. I suggest waiting until after your trial run to purchase your bridal hair accessories. Better yet, ask your stylist if they have accessories on hand for you to try different looks at your preview appointment. Personally, I bring accessories along to your trial just in case, and they are available for purchase in person or in the shop!

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6. Speak Up!

It's so important that you don’t hold back your concerns because you're afraid of hurting your stylist’s feelings! The whole point of a hair or makeup trial is to try out a look so you can make tweaks before your wedding day. If you are working with a professional, they are going to know that people have different styles and opinions and they are not going to be hurt if you don’t like something they have done.

If the problem is something more significant like the wrong foundation color, bad service, or the makeup artist or hair stylist simply not listening to what you want, it’s probably best to take the hit, consider it money well spent on a mishap avoided, and book in another trial with someone new.

Grace Hill Photography

Grace Hill Photography

7. Make Plans for Afterwards

I’ve added this final suggestion for two reasons:

One: you’ll look gorgeous! So make the most of your pro-styled hair or makeup and go out and get some cocktails or plan a special date night.

And two: giving your hair and makeup a proper test run means you can see how it wears over the course of a day or night, and if any of the products need to be tweaked for longevity.

Hoping these quick tips will make your trial run all you ever wanted and more! Be sure to share with your engaged besties!

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