Habit Extension Method

I’m obsessed.

I’ve tried lots of extension methods, and there is something super annoying or terrible for your hair about almost all of them. The Habit Extension Method is the most comfortable, versatile extension method I’ve ever used! The wefts are attached solely using silicone lined beads and string, making it the healthiest extension method available for your hair. If you’re looking for just volume, (maybe even just on the sides), a little length to get you through the weird-length-phase when you’re growing out your hair, or a full on transformation, the Habit Extension Method is totally the way to go.


How are they put in?

No heat, No glue, and no adhesive.

First, a track of beads and string are applied to the hair, and then the wefts are sewn to that string. There aren’t many points of contact on the hair, but not so few that it will cause your hair to break or fall out. Too few points of contact can cause tension alopecia and hair breakage - and that’s the opposite of what we’re going for, right?! Most gals have 3 rows of extensions for the most natural look, this totally depends on you your #HairGoals.

With AMH&M, a custom toner is always included to give your extensions the most natural look. This almost always involves rooting the extensions to make it blend with your own hair seamlessly making them pretty tricky to detect even if your hair is thin. And they lay super flat to your head and can be hard to fish out!

habit extension method
habit hand tied extension method
habit hand tied extension method
habit hand tied extension method

What does it look like when they’re Done?

Your hair will be sectioned in such a way that the extensions will fall naturally and you will easily be able to style it as you would your own. The beads are applied strategically so you will have fullness in the front, too! Most extension methods don’t hide well enough if they are covering the front, and that’s how you get the extension mullet.

No thank you.

Fullness in the front, fullness in the back.


Can I Put My Hair Up?

Yes, of course! You can effortlessly pull your extensions up into a high pony or braids without showing the tracks. I use clip-ins for wedding styles all the time, but the Habit Extension Method offers much more versatility and fullness for every day styles and bridal styles. Each hairline is different, so your extensions will have a custom fit to give you as much freedom with your style as possible.


Same gal, different days!


What is the maintenance like?

Move-up appointments should take place about every 5 - 8 weeks to keep your hair happy, healthy and looking its best! Most clients don’t have to get their color or highlights refreshed every time, every other appointment may be a perfect fit for you! It all depends on your hair growth. We always recommend scheduling your appointment on a day with no time restrictions as to not cause any stress on yourself or your stylist. Installing extensions can be a time consuming process!

It takes about 20 minutes (or less) to remove the extensions, a few strategic snips of the string track and they’ll slide right out. Boom, you’re done. It’s quick and easy!


Still got questions?

Ask in a comment below and we’ll pop on to give you an answer! Or snag the free PDF guide for my top tips for at home care to keep your extensions long, strong, and super soft!


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