Habit Extension Method



With the Habit Extension Method, there is no heat, glue, or adhesive. The wefts of hair are attached solely using silicone lined beads and string, making it the healthiest extension method available for your hair.

First, a track of beads and string are applied to the hair, and then the wefts are sewn to that string. There are few points of contact on the hair, but not so few that it will cause tension and breakage.

What does it look like when they’re in?

Your hair will be sectioned in such a way that it will fall naturally and you will easily be able to style it as you would your own. You will be able to effortlessly pull your extensions up into a high pony without showing the tracks. The beads are applied in a way that will give you fullness in the front, most extension methods don’t hide well enough if they are covering the front. (That’s how you get the extension mullet. No thank you.)

how they lay, can you put your hair up,

what they look like in your hiar, most have 3 rows the lay super flat to your head and can be hard to fish out to find what the wefts look liek because they hide so well

each row may have 15 beads or so

hard to tell they’re there

it’s just liek part of your hair

slightly angled up so that you aren’t missing a lot of your sides - doesn’t emphasize the mulletness, sides look thick, not just the back

the way we put it in it lays so flat that you won’t notice it even ify our hair is quite thin

can wear in a high pony or up, because each hairline is different and we make sure to discuss this at your consultation

how are they removed

takes about 20 minutes or less to remove the extensions, 5 - 7 weeks

cut the string that attaches it to the track sewn and smash the beads and they slide out

don’t have to get color every time, can get it every other